Was up at 7:30 – coffee + diary + washed hair- called Pat Walker to change my 2 o’clock appt to 12:00. Called Lucille Glasman at vari-ad + said I’d be in later today with the material. Drove out to Columbia Ranch weather unbearably hot – in the 90’s. About 5 or 6 people there + about 4 more came in. Very brief interview – had to react to some off camera dialogue. Thought it went well but didn’t know. They said they’d decide in an hour. Went to Pat Walkers. Came home – found 2 messages from Don Schwartz. And glory be I got the job. My first this year and my first through Don. Whee! Shoots on Thursday. Took off my makeup + combed my hair back to look a little sicker and older + tireder + changed into my green check for Bert Metcalf. Got to Screen Gems annex at 3:00 Wringing wet. Looked at script ghastly personality type named Marlene somebody came in. Went to annex to read – and there my God, was Wes Kenny. Such a delight to see him – he’s gotten very thin. Read for him + Bert Metcalf + Mrs. Corday and another man whose name I forget. I think I read very well. Bert Metcalf is good to read with. Left and drove downtown to Lucille Glassman. That’s going to be alot more expensive than I’d thought $10.00 a page. To be picked up Friday. Oh well. Came back via Carl’s – bought pork chops, broccoli and salad fixings. Peter home + worked on his car. Harvey kibitzed I did some laundry at the laundromat then took Humbug to the store – what a difficult passenger he is at present. Fixed pork chop casserole, marinated green beans + mushrooms, and broccoli. Jim Parker joined us for a late dinner. Druscilla called at ten and she + Dick are getting married on August 4th. We spoke to both of them. I’m so glad. I took Humbug for a walk on his new leash and one could have thought I was strangling him. Timmy called + asked us to call him in the am as he’d had several sharp pains. I finished “Doctor Zhivago” – what a truly beautiful book