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Up fairly early. Wrote a Smith note and then made a call to a Mrs Lobdell – class of ’20. She was “off Smith” but I got her laughing and she said she’d give. I felt quite set up for such a small thing. Mel Urburger called about her lighter – I dropped it by for her on my way to get my hair cut. Long wait at the beauty shop luckily I’d bought squares + crocheted around them. The blanket is nearly completed. I finished the last square late tonight + now only the blocking + putting together remain. George gave me a good cut – he + Judy leave for Europe a week from  tomorrow I envy them. I bought some black nylon wool at the May Co. and went for my steambath + massage. Very relaxing although I could only stand the steam for 18 minutes. Went to Magnum’s + bought a small veil for the funeral. Extremely nice sales girl. Came home. I’d called Timmy in the morning and he was outrageous. When I said I wasn’t coming for dinner tonight – (and it had been the most tentative sort of thing to begin with as I’d had a previous date with Mary) because I was depressed + going to a funeral + didn’t feel like going anywhere with anybody (Mary included) He said “Well you’ve been looking for an out.” I told him I hadn’t arranged the funeral and when he said I don’t suppose I’ll see you again in that Eyore tone I told him I’d call him in a couple of days and hung up. I called Mary + made a date with her to see “Inadmissable Evidence” on Thurs. night. Sandy Ou[crossed out letter]tson gave me comps.  I cleaned a little around the house + finished crocheting around the squares. Phyllis Overton called – was afraid Peter didn’t know – she hadn’t heard from him. Said how much Peter had meant to Frank. I called Peter who hadn’t sent the wire + told him to right away.  He’d been talking to Paul Morrison. His job went well today and he has a radio spot tomorrow. I washed + blocked the first strip of the afghan using Paul’s stretchers. Paul in a pretty foul mood + the tension in their apartment cutting thick. Went to bed about 1:30.

Got a call for an appt at Lee Lacy on Sta. Monica at 2:15 tomorrow –