Rather a dumb day in a way. I made Smith calls + wrote Smith notes – (4 calls + 4 notes – total of six contacts) Have six to go – Ugh. Called Joyce Ryan to say that Peter couldn’t make it tomorrow night. Jan Forman called + invited us to dinner tonight at 8 o’clock + I accepted like a shot. Called George Spicer + made hair appt for Tuesday. Used the relaxacisor. Washed Peter’s no-press shirts – they all have ink marks on the breast pockets. Peter made 3 good copies of his tape at Dick Erdman’s + evidently Dick thoroughly enjoyed the tape which was nice. Then Peter went to the club. Home at 7:00 Humbug chewed up more of our Chinese hooked rug and I really whacked him. I thought he’d never touch it again after the last time almost 3 months ago. We drove out to Jan + Mels – we had a pint of bourbon between us – didn’t eat til around ten. Peter played his tape + they both loved it + I was amazed at how smoothly and quickly it went. Almost too quickly now. I missed a few of the things he’d cut. But it really is excellent – We had a very nice time + a superb dinner – fresh salmon with a heavenly sauce. The only thing is we were smashed by the time we ate. We came home + had more to drink and another of our unspeakable fights.