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Woke at 7:30 – heard the phone ringing. Steve Kay from New York. Monday appt. definite. We got up (both very clear headed + that I grant is an advantage.) Peter called the airlines + made reservation for Sunday at 1 o’clock. Called Scotty who is sick + has been for 2 weeks. Peter decided to stay at the Henry Hudson  Called Parker + got carte blanche to go through the house on Hick Street. He then went to the bank to get some money from the Savings acct. While he was gone Steve Kay called again + the recording date has been changed to Tuesday late afternoon [crossed out letter] Said he would call back in a bit to verify it positively. I mailed Mother’s birthday present. Special handling and went for my massage + steam bath. Stayed in the cabinet 25 minutes today + felt purged. Made appts for next week Tuesday + Friday. Bought a copy of Door to the Future for Albert. Went to Pat Walkers – it’s like an improved + glorified Slenderella – I had the courtesy treatment + figure analysis + was told it would take 80 hours (at $2.00 a half hour) or $320.00 to put me in shape. I signed up for the budget plan – $25.00 down + from then on a sort of pay as you go. Made 3 hour appts for next week.  I don’t care if it’s extravagant at the moment – if it works I’ll feel better + if I feel better maybe I’ll get something accomplished. Came home + laid out Peter’s blanket with Mary Parker’s help 5 squares left to knit + we decided on the colors. It’s going to be very good looking I think. Larry Bray + his dog Chris came by for a rather prolonged visit. Pretended we had dinner date. He’s a lonely guy + really quite nice – I fixed pork chops + bean in Mushroom soup for dinner. Peter worked on his tape til 5 am – trying to get it in shape for New York – Is going to work with Dick Erdman tomorrow to make some copies.