A day of hangover + general distaste – Made an appt. with the Pat Walker salon on Wilshire near Fairfax for tomorrow at 4 o’clock. Have a massage etc at 2:00 – I’ll get into shape if it kills me + it may. Steve Kay called from New York + Peter may have another Bayer Aspirin recording date on Monday in New York. When I got up this morning – Peter had done all the dishes from last night. A really glorious surprise and one that almost put the day in focus. I started using the relaxacisor on my face today – see if I can get rid of the bags under my eyes. Mary Parker came in for a while + chatted. Tonight was the night Paul introduced us to the pleasures of pot and we had dinner upstairs – lamb curry. Delicious. Peter had 3 or 4 drinks first while he worked on his tape. I was fairly clear headed. First a feeling of deep depression then a very silly laughing jag and then a complete detachment. Actually it seems similar (to me) to Sodium pentothol [Pentothal] or analgesic. Peter felt very disoriented + went straight to sleep. I went to sleep later but easily