Up late with hangover – Peter off already to club. I worked on dinner – Boeuf Bourgignon. Finally got it all in oven about four o’clock. Peter home a little after + I told him all the worries + resentments + fears etc. + cried + we talked it all over for the hundredth time – He said he’s going to see a therapist + maybe that will help. I’m going to try to  be less of a mental moral + physical mess + maybe that will help – Fixed the rest of dinner – french bread, wine, salad – set the table etc. Took a bath. Called both Mary + Alita + asked them to come a little bit later as [crossed out word] I was behind. Mary came at 7 with a qt. of bourbon and Alita + Howard at 7:30 with a fifth of scotch. Had 3 drinks at least all the way round before dinner – 2 bottles of wine with dinner – coffee + brandy. Mary left + we showed Alita + Howard pictures + mementos + sang + talked + all got pretty smashed.  Gave Alita a copy of the Lion Is Busy  Scotch Agnes is back with Dr. Lewis which is so lovely. Mrs. Lewis wrote to her about 5 or 6 months before she died – as Alita said – some kind of foresight. We drove Alita + Howard back to the Hotel + then sat + chatted with the night watchman for a bit + came home + had more to drink – I left all the dishes. Good night –