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Up fairly early – Made the ham rolls for this evening Rain. Peter came back at [crossed out word] eleven as the car had started to give him trouble + he wanted it tuned up. He helped clean things up – Bed upstairs + down etc. etc. So nice to have him here at this time of day. We cashed a check for $50 to buy Mother a birthday present – I drove Peter to the garage at 12:45 as he had unemployment + I went to the Post Office + mailed a pkge of books to Carl + Sue. Fixed salad + then took off to the Contour beauty place. Up above a salon called  Lenten’s on Wilshire Blvd. A dear old lady (77 + doesn’t look 70) took me in hand. First 20 minutes in a steam cabinet and then a good shower + a half hour of massage. Must say it felt great. Cost $5 plus a dollar tip. Made an appt. for Friday + will try to go twice a week . which means I’d better make a little money sometime soon. Drove up to Eve’s apparel on Vermont in search of a shift for Mother but no luck. Went over to “Originals” on Las Palmas and found a really stunning burlap-type number with lovely soft lining for $29.45. Bought a little corsage made of feathers to go with. Came home + showed it to Diane who said “Your Mother’s so groovy. She’ll love it.” Diane turned over her tax refund check for $92.55 to us and is now [crossed out word] only a month behind in her rent. Whee. Martin Brooks called to say his date couldn’t come so we called around hither + yon – Betty Harford, Karla Most + then Claire Delaud who could come. Very pleasant evening. The wind broke the pantry window once again – just before dinner. We had the puppies down to play with Humbug. Marty + Claire left about 11:30 – I stayed up once again + finished off the beer we had lying around.