Up around 10 – Alita Pennington called – Peter told her I was out on an appt. as I was sound asleep. She + Howard are at the Sheraton West for 3 days. Spoke to her later + she + he + Mary are going to come to dinner Weds. I called the contour Salon + made an appt for a massage + steam bath tomorrow for $5.00 – I’ve got to start doing something about toning up. The weight loss has been maintained but I’m soft as oatmeal to quote Mme Anthony. Called Betty Lamm about any sort of free lance writing – Told her about the Westwood Art Foundation charter flight to Europe. She was going to have lunch with Chuck Urtbeck – said she’d try to think of something. Called Lyle pleasant chat cut short by the mail. He’s anxious to get out of the Music Center setup but doesn’t know to where. Called Pickwick to see if they carried “Door to the Future” They don’t but at least it’s still in print. Called Albert + pretended I was the internal revenue dept – Surprisingly successful + he almost flipped. He didn’t get the part he wanted + is going to Europe at the end of this month. The mail brought a pile of cards from Lucy Bader of Smith Alumnae for me to contact for a contribution. Joan Ungar is [crossed out word] in my pile so that’s nice. I called Lucy + apologized for missing the meeting. She’s in an amateur production of Pirandello’s Right you are …. May try to see it – no I can’t get Peter to go I vacuumed the house and took a nap. Peter fixed a tuna casserole for dinner which was very nice. Paul got a letter from his friend Ranier asking him to come to Iceland + do a film – Mary? – We went to see Born Yesterday at the Horseshoe. Trent Dolan came with us. Pretty awful I’m afraid as the leading man, King Moody (the directress’s husband) was as bad as Bob + I’m afraid he was bad again Sharon was quite delightful – absolutely adorable looking and except for poor direction which let her get too cutsie-pie – she could have been brilliant – We shopped for groceries on the way home. Peter gets unemployment tomorrow. [crossed out word] Smelled something burning when we got home and a large spot in the living room carpet was smouldering away. Thank God we found it.