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I got a lot done today – Caught up diary, sent off things to N.Y. Trust Co, Bank of N. Y. Smith Vocational office, Equity Ballot, Chuck Barris productions etc. $20 to Care and $50 to M.P.S. in memory of Sally Carey Clark – sent it to Miss Grey so she + Miss Comans can select theatre + poetry books for the library. Wrote note along with it to Miss Grey + wrote Paul’s mother asking her to stay with us over Mother’s day. My Bank of N. Y. audit said I had a balance of $187. Which is about $150 more than I thought I had so on the assumption that I made the error I’ve credited myself with the extra amount. Went to Dr. Zhivago this afternoon with Mary + Margie + Patsy + I loved it – breathtakingly beautiful – am now dying to [crossed out word] read the book.  I’ve decided I like going to the movies and I’m going to go by myself if necessary. Peter worked on his tape in the morning and I think did some excellent work but ruins it – or undermines it – by leaving that damn “bandit” business in – Oh well. I’ve said it + said it + he doesn’t pay any attention so why the hell should I. I called Harold Stern and he’s not working and is depressed as I am but will use me if anything ever comes up which it will have to someday. I knit 3 more squares today – only have five to go and that blanket will be finished – Glory be. We went to Timmy’s for dinner – took Peter’s tape – which Timmy enjoyed – said he didn’t understand the “bandits” – ho ho. Gave Timmy the Author’s Aid. Came home + had some beer with Mary + Paul – stayed up after Peter went to bed. I’m growing a sort of ugly shell.