3 wakeup calls managed to get Peter up + finally me this morning – anniversary not only of Lincolns assassination but the sinking of the Titanic. At first I didn’t think I’d make it to my appt but by some sort of miracle did Not only that but looked + felt, by the time I pulled up at Lee Lacey, very good! Jo Kranitz out sick again – Jennifer Shull very pleasant + welcoming. Saw Margaret Wheeler, Monroe Arnold, Pitt Herbert + 3 or 4 others I don’t know as well – very gay. As for the interview – I didn’t feel I did anything spectacular in the way of impressing but we’ll see. Drove to Don Schwartz’s to do a tape for Jimmy Wasson. Saw Peter there he went in with me + then on to the club. Giggled half the time I was with Jimmy but did do two tapes without any retakes + he was very pleased. I stopped by to see Reve Barskin + say hello. Then to the Safeway where I cashed a check for $40 – oh the joy of having a little cash in hand whether [crossed out word] we can afford it or not. I bought all sorts of fruits + came home + made a glorious fruit compote + fixed [crossed out words] broccoli, corn + got the hamburgers ready to cook. Cleaned the kitchen + futzed about. Jim Parker came by about 5:30 to see Peter. Then he + Diane listened to Peter’s tape which is coming along. He did some good work on it + has fixed up the Dental [crossed out word] sound effects + done some other much needed polishing. I watched Henry Jones on TV in the Man from Uncle + then we both watched the first 45 minutes of “The Investigation” – a Nazi warcrimes play – I couldn’t take more. Saw the end of the Avengers + called up Timmy who was in a blue funk today. Really swivelville [?].