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A day just like yesterday with a high wild wind. The pantry door blew shut and shattered the glass. When Peter came home he had to put in a new pane. We paid bills – the phone Co. Tiffany’s for my writing paper – Etc. I crocheted around 5 squares + knitted 3 new ones. Big glorious deal. Spoke with Timmy.  Spoke with Jo Kranitz. Read a Charity Blackstock Mystery. Peter got a steak for dinner + I fixed some vegetables to go with. We had martinis first and I had too much – beer after dinner. No fight or anything like that. Went to bed + again couldn’t sleep. Sat up + drank some more beer+ knitted + read + slept again on the couch + then woke after a bit + went to bed – Couch sleeping is uncomfortable + pointless. If I want to draw the lines I might just as well move upstairs to the apartment or if we want to keep up some kind of fiction we can get a bigger bed.