Worked on squares today. Am so anxious to finish that damn blanket. It’s beginning to drive me nuts. Along with evertyhing else. Got my period which added to every sort of depression. I called Lyle + said Hello to Packy. Wish I could have seen him – brief chat. Jo Kranitz called + asked us to return Lionel’s play. Told her we’d drop it on the way to Timmy’s. Spoke with Timmy + got Bruce + Dales number. Thought they might be interested in a puppy. No answer. No mail. No calls. The weather has been very cold + so have I. I’d meant to sew Timmy’s shirt but didn’t get around to it. We dropped Lionel’s play + went to Timmy’s. Horrid evening. We called Dale + Bruce + Peter played the experienced father with Bruce – diapers etc – the first 6 months – blah blah blah. I can’t bear it. [crossed out word] We couldn’t listen to television because Peter didn’t want to. We’d watched Estelle + Arthur on “Girl from Uncle” – both were marvelous. But there was a Dick Van Dyke special or “The Invaders” next + Peter just turned off the set. I did the dishes + was glad to get out of sitting around listening to the idiotic conversation. We came home around 11:30 – I don’t know what to do – but I’ve got to do something soon or just go under + I can’t do that.