Was supposed to go to a Smith meeting today + didn’t get up until several hours after it was over – Oh Well + Hell + so on. Don’t really care. Arthur Malit came over to look at Shana’s puppies around 2 o’clock. It didn’t work out -first Shana snapped at him + and then the little female.  Oh well + Hell again. Humbug of course adores Arthur + he’d take him anytime. Arthur went out + got some beer + we sat + talked + I had the nicest time I’ve had in months. Laughed + talked + listened + thought out some very interesting ideas about theatre + how it’s all such a put down now – how it’s not considered worthwhile if the audience isn’t severely reprimanded for something + how the audience expects it too + feels guilty at laughing. I threw out that awful towel that Judy Mullen sent me + that made me feel better too. The whole afternoon did. I asked Arthur to dinner – Was going to fix rolled ham slices and our ham had gone bad. Peter came home + got some more ham at Carls + some mushrooms Arthur went out + got some wine. Fixed a good dinner. Arthur is moving into a new place – 126 acres with a thousand sq. ft. of garden that he’s been planting – his rent $52.00 a month!!!  The old Bud Abbot estate – wowie! Arthur left about 10 O’clock. I went to bed soon after but couldn’t sleep. Got up later + read in the other room. Slept on the couch.