Up about 9:30-Peter worked on his tape things-he’s been getting some very funny bits-especially the ones he does by himself out of his own head.  He left for the club about 10:30-I crocheted around 2 squares + knit another bottle.  Read a chapter of the Renaissance book on Petrarch-very moving.  I fixed a bean casserole for this evening and then I started washing windows.  Did all the kitchen windows-inside + out.  Also washed the kitchen curtains, hung them out to dry then ironed + rehung them.  Cleaned the various mirrors around the place.  Not that I want to see myself but better me than my state of mind.  Went over to Bernie’s theatre in the Unitarian church.  Saw Kay-gave her a copy of “One Way Rendulum” saw Stuart + Phemy + Bernie + met a few people.  Nothing for me to do.  Peter not there.  Went to Safeway + cashed a check for $15.00 which leaves me about $14 in my acct.  Had to buy gas.  Bought a pint of bourbon, some pork chops + a few other groceries.  Came home + fixed salad + pork chops cooked in cider (gourmet cookbook).  Phemy called which was very nice of her.  Peter home at 7.  Mary Parker came down for a drink.  The we (P + I) had dinner.  Good.  Humbug’s little black friend, Chris came by.  Asked him + his owner Larry Brady in.  The dogs played hard + Hummy was exhausted.  Peter + I went at 10:15 to the Gilmore Drive-In to see “After the Fox” with Peter Sellers.  I thought it was funny-Peter didn’t.  Home via the Safeway where he cashed a check for the next few days-I’d been trying to economize but he hasn’t even noticed.  Parker McCormic is in town-wrote a very cosy letter to Peter about his grandchildren + he was amazed that it bothered me at all-when I can’t even have a child-oh hell.  Self pity never paid the rent either.