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Jack Donaldson called to say he didn’t have the film.  He must have left it with Reve or lost it.  We staggered up + got dressed for the appt.  Had started to go in separate cars but then decided to go with Peter even though it meant his driving me home before going to the club.  I said I was sorry for what I said last night, that I wouldn’t leave him, that he meant more to me than children but I don’t think he really cared.  I have no way of knowing.  Oddly enough we had a very good appt.  Everyone laughed alot.  Came home to find out the appt. had been cancelled but Don couldn’t reach us in time.  No wonder they laughed.  But we couldn’t have lost anything by it so what the hell.  Peter went to the club.  I futzed about-Called Jo Krantz who was home sick.  Don is having Lionel change his last name to Grant.  I lay in the sun a little and then went to bed for a while.  We heated up last night’s stew for dinner.  Mary Parker had to come home from work today-with a throwing up hangover.  We went to see “The Devils” at the Mark Taber forum.  Saw Gordon outside, saw Ditta, Eleanor Peters + a friend + Doug Lambert + a friend.  Very dreary play really + not overly well directed.  Nicely staged but not directed.  Liked the male lead-Joyce Ebert in the Anne Bancroft part got very tedious.  We left after the 2nd act at 11 o’clock.  Also Fran Spaner + Ed Balin.  I wore my Korean evening coat-big deal.