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Hangover supreme- Peter off to the club again with the car-I got up around eleven + made the bed and then shortly thereafter just lay down again.  Called Doug + he doubled my thyroid dosage-2 a day now.  Told me to call him again in 2 months.  Got nice letter from Anne in a St. Patrick’s day card.  Also Peter got a check for $86.00 from Bayer Aspirin.  Nothing to flip over but better than a poke in the eye-Mary came in with her hair around 5:30  and I must say George outdid himself-it really looks just great.  Peter had a fairly good appt.  Called Don after.  He bought me a record called “How to Train Your Dog”-will start playing it tomorrow.  We went to Timmy’s for dinner-pleasant evening.  Delicious dinner-lamb curry.  Came back about midnight.  Shana had had one puppy.  Diane’s door closed as evidently Shana is a nervous wreck.  Mary + Paul came downstairs for a beer.  We took some Polaroid pictures of Mary’s + my haircuts-Two very funny ones of us [crossed out writing] with the heads just on the edge of the table.  John the Baptisty-a cute one of Humbug and one very straight one for Peter to show Don tomorrow.  If I had a car I’d drop in to the office myself but what can I do.  I checked the service before we went to bed + discovered that Mary had called + asked me to call back-but by then it was too late.