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Busy day and a bit of a shocker-Washed + set hair.  Peter up + went to the bank for us both.  Picked up Annie’s Rx and mine for Miltowns.  I drove out to Filmways-at least they redid the waiting room which is nice.  Met Charlie Smith who’s playing the lead in the whole RCA series of commercials.  Very pleasant.  Saw alot of actresses I know.  Read rather well I though then chatted with Gloria Lord [crossed out writing] who’d come in just as I was called.  Talked about that evening + mentioned the woman named Mambo who’d said she was going to have a party-I said “I guess she never had that party after all,” Gloria said yes she did-at my look she went on to say that Mambo wanted to invite me but not Peter who’d gotten very hostile with her husband Irwin.  The odd thing is that my one reaction was one of great responsibility.  I guess I’m really a hell of a poor wife in alot of ways-I’m so involved with my own problems that I am unsupportive.  With a promise to call Gloria + Terry I left + started thinking about changing my ways.  It’ll be hard but I am going to try.  Went to Film Fan Foto and left my pictures.  Went to Don’s and then went to Manny’s to have the blue velvet altered + pick up the already finished ones.  Got home about 2:15-Gave Peter the car for the club.  Futzed about,, fixed dinner-just the salad + rolls etc.  Peter had already made his shish-kebab.  Dr. Ware + Eve arrived about 7;20.  As always with them a very nice evening.  Humbug was a great success.  They left about 11:30 and Peter + I had some beer together + went up briefly to see Mary’s new sculpture line-by a mythical + mathematical sculptor named Philip Now-very funny.