Woke at 11:15 this am.  Lyle had been by at 10 to take me to the music center + had pounded at the door to no avail.  Saw only a startled Mary Parker.  Thank God, remembering my appt, he had the grace to call us + get the service to let him ring through.  Somehow I managed to get to the appt.  Read with Jack Cassidy (played Lurch on the Addams Family) + read as well as the other time but felt a little doomed.  Ran into Don Schwartz there-fleetingly.  Then drove down to the music center parked in the garage + presented myself for the addressing of envelopes.  Joyce Rosenberg was there + very friendly + pleasant.  [crossed out writing] Went to lunch + brought me back coffee which was pretty damn decent.  Lyle stopped in + I thanked him again.  the head girl on the envelope detail was a dreary named Dorothy Blass.  She had a friend there though named Belle something who had a little humor so the afternoon blurred by quite happily.  I kept going down the hall to see Lyle who said offices weren’t my milieu.  But I did do alot of actual work.  Came home at 5 and took an hour or two nap and then we went off to Timmy’s for dinner.  Came home fairly early + went to bed immediately as I have a 11:10 appt at Filmways tomorrow-