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1 drink

I was in a ghastly mood all day.  Spent the morning writing notes to Miriam, Dennis + Nancy + Peggy about Uncle Jim-all very inadequate.  We left for the beach in two [crossed out writing] cars around 12:30, stopping en route to pick up Timmy.  Peter fished but Saul, Mary, Timmy + I lay on the beach.  Saul + Mary left about 4:15-Took the keys to Peter’s car to get Mary’s dress out then left them under the sun-shield + drove in the VW.  Between then + the time we went to pick up the station wagon somebody made off with my slacks, underwear + shirt.  So much frosting on an already delicious cake.  Stopped for thread on the way home.  Mary’s going to work on the curtains tomorrow-knows I’m going to be working on Tchin Tchin as my reading is at 7 o’clock tomorrow night so I can’t complain about that.  We bought dinner at the Shermart and went back to Timmy’s where he whipped up a pork chop dish.  Very good.  I knitted + had fresca.  Peter had booze + finally I had a shot in my fresca.  We watched TV-fresh riots in Chicago thanks to George Lincoln Rockwell, head of the American Nazi party.  What a sewer of a man.  Home at midnight-message from Isabell who’s home for a week lay off.  Called her + said hello.  I went to bed.  Peter went upstairs.  Jim Parker is back but I was too tired to go up-had already gotten undressed.