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3 glasses of beer.

Peter called Elissa Ingraham + located his copy of Tchin Tchin.  She said she’d leave it in her mailbox for us.  We called Timmy.  May see him tomorrow-then we all left for the beach.  Saul rented a fishing pole.  He + Peter fished while Mary + I lay in the sun.  The water was lovely but there was a riptide so Mary didn’t go in.  No luck with the fishing.  My back got quite a burn.  We went to the oar house for an hour or so + had some beer.  Then home.  Mary + Saul out for dinner.  I lay on the bed + napped for a while + read.  Peter went out to get Tchin Tchin + then he went to the Mexican restaurant for supper.  I stayed home with some yogurt.  The luxury of being alone is immense.  Sid Michaels’ Tchin Tchin is so different from the other translation it’s like day + night.  I love his version.  I finished the castle + blocked it.  Measured our windows0sometime soon we’re supposed to “spend a day sewing the curtains”-the thought is utterly appalling for me.  I would rather do them by hand by myself little by little when I feel like it (which I suppose could well be never!)  God I’m frustrated + just plain miserable these days.  Postcard from Mary who’s having a lovely visit at home.  I’m so glad that’s working out.