Up about 10-Annie already down + Peter was up.  We left for the beach about 11:30 or 12-grey day.  Went to the Skiff for lunch-then the beach.  Very high surf-like the Atlantic-Peter tried fishing doggedly but without success.  i’m late with my period + Keep thinking I might be pregnant but am afraid it’s only because I want to be so much.  Should try not to even think about it.  Annie went in swimming but I was chicken.  We went to the Oar House for a drink afterward.  Called Timmy who said he’d like to come to dinner with us so we went in to pick him up.  Gordon + Judy had just said good bye to one set of guests when we got there.  The new baby Rachel is darling + Adam was in rare form.  Hiram (“Chubby”) Sherman came to dinner.  What a funny nice man.  Told some lovely stories about Equity council (“It’s not so much a question of ‘pin-pricking a ghost’ as pin-pointing a prick”).  We had an absolutely delicious dinner-really don’t see how Judy manages so well.  They had a bottle of pink champagne for us after dinner because they’d never ‘done anything’ about our wedding!  How lovely-We came home around 11.  Very tired.  Sat around for a bit + then went to bed about midnight.