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Up pretty early.  Peter off to his first guitar lesson at the Ashgrove with, as he later reported “little tiny girls up to my navel.”  I picked up Annie + drove out to Mary’s-the three little girls there.  Peter called from Timmy’s + suggested we go out to Venice by ourselves + they’d leave from Larrabee.  Mary said she wanted them to come to Veteran Ave so she could follow them.  But as soon as they appeared Mary left with Annie + me, buzzed off in the station wagon ahead of them.  (Oh well.)  Hair raising ride with Mary knitting on the freeway + drinking coffee.  Went past her school which looks very nice.  Absolutely heavenly day at the beach + Mary had fixed a very nice lunch for all of us.  Got alot of sun + played in the surf with peter + the 3 little girls-Great fun.  Got knocked over again + again + all of our bathing suits were filled with sand.  We all had a lovely time though.  Peter went back to Mary + fixed her dispose-all + I dropped Timmy home + then took Annie down to the Music Center-came home + prepared the artichokes + mushrooms-Peter brought the steak + Mary came soon after followed by Timmy.  I fixed a salad + we ate about 9 o’clock.  Slightly tight dinner + Mary talked fairly exclusively to Peter which was nice in some ways.  They went down to pick up Annie who came back here for dinner when the show was over around ten.  Mary left at 10:30 and Timmy about 11:15. + we took Annie home at 12:30.  We went to the Grapevine hoping to see Jo but she was off so after one beer we left + came home to many many beers-very sunburned-