Up about eleven – worked with Peter on his reading – New series to be called “I dream of Jeannie” – really quite a tight, funny script and I loved the part Peter’s up for – a psychiatrist – recurring part. We worked it over + over. Letter from Richard – with review from “The Rehearsal” – Brilliant! Said he hadn’t heard from Jane. Mary P. came + asked us to dinner. Dr. Ware called – nice chat – he had a good trip + nice visit with Mother + Daddy. At 2:30 Mary P + I drove up to Price St. got alot of clothes to send to Rita. Went to Hillhurst to cash a check + got cartons to send clothes. Had a letter from Bill but dreaded opening it. Went to [Naha’s] + got wool + a pattern for a cap for Mary. Came back to 611 just as Peter drove up. His reading went very well + they laughed during it. Prospects really quite good. Fingers crossed. Opened Bill’s letter and oh my God – it was a nice one! Could have flipped. Really. Peter worked upstairs with Mary Parker making frames. Yippee for the electric saw. I wrote Jamie a long letter at last and then wrote Dick. Spoke to Jane who’s decided to see no more of him – Probably all for the best. She is now going to come back out here in January. Still hasn’t paid this month’s rent + Peter is getting a little frantic. I have a sneaky feeling she thinks she did pay it. Made appointment for Jane and me tomorrow morning with George for a hair cut. Joyce Wexley called to ask Peter + me to a party on the 28th. I can’t but Peter can. Alvin called + we ‘re going out there on the 27th. Spoke with Lew Garfinkle + he may write another Day in Court + may reccommend me – will try to find out about Pam’s feelings. He saw “The Cocktail Party” last night in the Palisades! Oh dear. Nice talk. Peter wrote Dick a letter too. Spoke with Jack + read him the review. Mary Parker had us all for dinner + made a great pizza (three of them to be exact) then we played cards – Bed about one o’clock.